Rondo Bikes

Designed by people who live bikes, for people who loves bikes, the Rondo series of drop bar bikes will take you far and long on paved roads or across the unpaved unknown – as their website states, “The future is beyond tarmac.”


As with many companies, there is a range of prices for frames and they are dictated by the materials and components used.  Rondo offers aluminum, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber frames in its stable, so there truly is something for everyone – from the traditionalist to the weight weenie.

One of the standout Rondo bikes is the Ruut. This frame design features the unique ability to alter the head angle and fork trail so that you get exactly the ride you want. Why would Rondo do this? Well, while they cater to riders and not racers, they know that once in a while the idea of going fast and hitting the starting line excites all of us, but that not everyone feels the need to own a bike that is only ridden a few times a year.


Out for a long week of touring? Adjust the carbon Twintip front fork for a more comfortable position. Taking on the weekend cyclocross course – a tighter, faster geometry is right for you. And regardless of whether you choose a steel or carbon frame, the fork is the same for all of them. The oversized carbon fiber fork provides dampening over ruts and rocks and is strong enough to take a pothole in stride.

Moving beyond the technology of the bike, the Rondo frames are works of art. Clean lines and minimal graphics enhance the frame design. The aluminum, steel, and titanium take their cues from the past with simple geometries and no gimmicks. The carbon design features clean transitions and a beautiful seat tube to rear triangle design, which enhances ride and provides a shock absorption through to your saddle. Each bike, of course, features the oversized Twintip fork, where all of the graphic excitement is embodied.


Looking beyond the flexibility of the design, the Rondo series is built around the SRAM platform. SRAM Force makes up the majority of their bikes with the less expensive models built from SRAM Apex.  And while competitive cyclists often move to the top of the line SRAM Red series, Rondo knows that the lightest weight components are best left to the roadies. SRAM Force, features SRAM’s 1:1 pull ratio, which means that for each gear shift the cable is pulled the same length, regardless of the gear size. This means that you shift faster and the cables stay in adjustment longer without maintenance. Also, SRAM is a true 22 so that you are able to use all of your gears – regardless of gear combination.  All of the Rondo bikes feature disc brakes, which are a staple when off the beaten path.


On top of all of these features, the Rondo adds rack and fender mounts so that it’s a trustyworthy touring partner. The tire clearance is 40 (2.1) so that you can add a bit of tread when the conditions call for it.

Overall the Rondo has been making waves over in North America. It sets itself apart from large brands by focusing on one style of drop bar bikes and committing to creating the best ride possible.

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