Sportful Seat Pads

Sportful Seat Pads


Our most padded seat pad ever uses continuously variable closed cell urethane foam padding with up to 18mm thickness. Every detail has been created to increase comfort, eliminate chafing, and keep it dry. For any cyclist who needs maximum  padding, this is the seat pad.


Using all our innovation from the Total Comfort seat pad, this pad is total comfort made for pros or the cyclist who prefers not to have as much padding. This pad is particularly suitable for long rides by trained cyclists, for everything from multi day cycling tours to pro racing


The soft and elastic seat pad with surprising comfort. It features Sportful’s well tested anatomic shape and an antibacterial surface treatment. Brand new infinitely variable thickness for a maximum comfort.


Developed with professional cyclists to fit your body for long distance comfort. The infinitely variable padding thickness places just the right amount of padding exactly where you need it. The anatomic shape and seamless construction work together to eliminate chafing and rubbing. Our most comfortable long distance pad.


Taking most of the construction details of our top-of-the-line Infinity pad, the Princess uses 2 layers of progressive damping foam for immediate softness yet enough support when that seat begins to feel narrow and hard. We do the same machining process to remove foam from the outer layer so that you have just the right thickness, just where you need it.


Our most comfortable and padded women’s seat pad ever. The new bioceramic top cloth is softer than ever while 3 layers of foam provide progressive cushioning meaning you never bottom out. A very soft upper layer means immediate comfort on your skin, a medium density middle layer of open cell urethane foam provides just the right cushioning with breathability. A high density outer layer cushions the biggest shocks. We leave the seat pad smooth on the face, but extensively sculpt the under layer, machining away foam where you don’t need it and leaving it only where you do need it.