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With exceptional coverage, the Devour sunglasses give freedom and flexibility while keeping your eyes as protected as goggles. The sunglasses feature fully adjustable temples and nose piece, making it easy to find a secure fit for every head shape. You’ll see every detail on the trails thanks to a frame design that maximises peripheral vision.
Clarity lens technology controls the colour spectrum and is fine-tuned for use on the trail, sharpening the greens and browns associated with this riding environment, all while giving complete UV protection (UV400). A Ri-Pel lens treatment protects from dirt, oil and water, and an anti-scratch coating ensures your vision is always at its best.
Lenses are easy to swap, and a spare clear lens is included, making the sunglasses ideal for use in a wide variety of riding conditions.

  • Comes with spare Clear lens
  • Fully adjustable temples
  • Clarity lenses available
  • Very large field of view

  • Complete UV Protection (UV400)

    The sunglasses give complete protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

    Adjustable nose piece

    A soft, adjustable nose piece in grippy rubber makes it easy to find a secure fit.

    Adjustable temples (length and grip)

    The length and grip of the temples can easily be adjusted for a personalised fit on any head shape.

    Clarity lens

    Clarity lens technology, developed in partnership with Carl Zeiss, gives optimum control of the color spectrum for unparalleled vision on the trails.

    Ri-Pel anti-dirt and -water treatment

    The Ri-Pel hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and also makes the lenses easier to clean so your vision is always clear.

    Anti-scratch treatment

    An anti-scratch treatment reduces the risk of surface damage for clearer vision.

    Shaped for exceptional field of view

    The lens shape ensures your field of view is as large as possible, so you can see potential dangers and react in time.

    Interchangeable lens

    It’s easy to swap lenses for riding in different light conditions.
    Comes with an extra lens (clear)
    Soft carrying pouch
    The pouch can also be used as a polishing cloth.

    CAT and VLT

    Uranium Black-Brown/Silver Mirror: CAT 2 VLT 15%

    Hydrogen White-Brown/Silver Mirror: CAT 2 VLT 15%

    Moonstone Grey-Brown/Silver Mirror: CAT 2 VLT 15%

    Transparent Crystal-Brown/Silver Mirror: CAT 2 VLT 15%

    Lead Blue-Brown/Silver Mirror: CAT 2 VLT 15%

    Basalt Blue-Brown/Silver Mirror: CAT 2 VLT 15%

    Uranium Black Translucent-Grey/Deep Green Mirror: CAT 3 VLT 11%



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